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Diamond M Destiny's Confetti
Diamond M Stables Miniature Horse Breeding/Show Facilities is family-owned and operated under the direction of Fred & Rose Main.  
We are passionate about producing miniature horses who are refined, conformationally superior as well as possess breath-taking presence!!  Founded on the principle that form equals function, we strive to produce foals who rival their sires and dams.  This careful attention to detail has lead to generational progression.  
​AMHA, AMHR Miniature Horses and ASPC Ponies newly added...watch for more details soon!
Northwest Ohio ~ USA
Multiple World Top Tens

Multiple Supreme European Champion Mares 
 Diamond M Junior Confetti  (full brother to Destiny's Confetti)
Multiple World Top Tens 

DMS 2019
Miniature Horse Association Information

Two miniature horse registries maintain pedigrees in the United States.  AMHA (American Miniature Horse Association) and AMHR (American Miniature Horse Registry), part of the American Shetland Pony Club.  The AMHA recognizes only horses that measure 34 inches and under.  AMHR is part of the American Shetland Pony Club and registers miniature horses in two division.  The "A" division recognizes horses that mature at 34 inches and under.  The "B" division recognizes horses over 34 inches to 38 inches.  Most of our horses are registered with the American Horse Miniature Association (AMHA) and a select few are registered with The American Miniature Horse Registry (AMHR).
Frequently Asked Questions About Miniature Horses For Those New To The Breed 

~ Miniature Horses consume the same feeds as full size horses, just smaller quantities: pasture grass, hay, and grain (about 4 to 1).
~One miniature horse can be reasonably pastured on a 1/4 acre of pasture.
~Most miniatures grow to their adult height by the time they are a year old and weigh anywhere from 150 to 350 pounds at maturity.
~Miniatures can be shown in halter (conformation), hunter, jumper, obstacle and performance classes such as county pleasure driving, single pleasure driving, & fine harness.
~Just like full size equine; miniatures can range in price from pet quality to high end show horses.
~Two major registries exist for miniature horses as explained below.......

Blessed are the broodmares.....Congratulations!
(Photos below; Confetti's three foals
Diamond M She's So Commanding
 AMHA European Champion Yr. Mare Open/Amatuer/Youth
Diamond M Gambling Man 
 Reserve Grand Champion Jr. Stallion
2014 Eastern Regionals
Thank you to Brian & Danielle Hill, (Danielle Hill Training)
 for beautifully presenting our colt!
Like Father, like son...
Diamond M Gambling Man

Shown by; 
EBF SH Junior Confetti 
EBF SH Volcanik
AMHA European Champion AOTE Jr. Stallion & AMHR Amatuer Reserve Grand
Rose Main 
EBF SH Confetti Explosion
Bet Me & Lose
AMHA Open Grand Jr. Mare & AMHA Reserve Supreme Champion
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